Mekpan Panel provides new and modern solutions for application of roof and wall panels in building sector, apart from classic solutions. 
Mekpan Panel broke new ground by means of its new products such as Post Panel, Siding Panel and Sinus Panel for surface profile, as filling material, Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) applications. 
Mekpan Panel aiming usage of Sandwich Panel not only in industry sector but also in building sector provides capacity of yearly 3.500.000 m2 with its machinery. 
Mekpan Panel's roof and wall panels produced with high technology in the world gets together architectural aesthetic and beauty with economy. Mekpan Panel produces in 8.000 m2 indoor area, 36.000 m2 outdoor area, 44.000 m2 in total. 
Mekpan Panel is capable of using painted aluminum, natural aluminum, painted galvanized sheet, membrane or cra