Sandwich panel metal surfaces consist of combination of core sheet, galvanized and organic coatings. Especially, organic coating prolongs material life by performing corrosion resistance well. Metal surface thickness of outer sandwich panel is about 45 µım including 25 µım organic coating and 20 µım galvanized coating depending on corrosion type and its degree. But this thickness increases to 200 µım depending on expectations.   

Besides high resistance of organic coatings are desired against UV, chemical, heat, humidity and physical effects. Furthermore wide color scale of organic coatings provides plan and design advantages for architectural solutions. Coating materials are separated into 3 groups as liquid coating, film coating and powder coating. Final surfacing, which is applied on galvanized sheet and aluminum, with wide range of quality and color is preferred in accordance with usage areas and expected features.


Polyester: It provides high resistance, high flexibility and temperature equilibrium against external environmental conditions. It is the most commonly used paint type. It can be used for different purposes in external and internal environments.

PVdF: It provides high resistance against external environmental conditions, high resistance against corrosion and endurance against chemical oil. It provides high resistance against chemical and UV rays. It is the type of coating, which has the most color permanence and luster durability. It can be used for roof and wall coatings of prestigious buildings.

Plastisol: It has the ability to take form perfectly. It is resistant against moisture and wear; it can be preferred for applications complying with food regulations. It gives an outstanding performance for cold and humid climate conditions.     

PVC Film: It is applied with lamination method. It is suitable for intensively forming and flexing. It can be preferred for applications complying with food regulations by means of its hygienic and easy to clean feature. 

                                                         CORRASION RESISTANCE



Polyester 2800 gms 500 saat 1000 saat 25


PVdF 3000 gms 500 saat 1000 saat 27 120°C
Plastisol 3500 gms 1000 saat 1000 saat 100-200 60°C
PVC Film 3500 gms 1000 saat 1000 saat 200