Mekpan Panel offers new and modern solutions apart from the traditional solutions in roof and wall panel installation. 

Mekpan Panel breaks new ground in Turkey with the use of new products such as Post Panel, Siding Panel and Sinus Panel and with polyurethane or polyisocyanurate application as core filling material. 

 Mekpan Panel has the aim of using sandwich panels not only in the industrial sector but also in the housing industry and it offers its services with a machine park capable of manufaturing up to 3.500.000 m² per year.

Mekpan Panel manufactures roof and wall panels with the world’s most modern technology combining economic prices with great aesthetics and architectural beauty. Mekpan Panel carries out its production at Konya’s 3 Organized Industrial Zone in a factory covering an area of 44.000 m² in total. Our factory has 8.000 m² of covered space and 36.000 m² of uncovered areas.

We can use painted aluminium, natural aluminium, prepainted galvanized sheets, Kraft or membrane paper in our roof and wall panel production. Mekpan Panel’s offers its clients high quality and warranty.