Fire performance is the fire resistance shown by a substance or material. Fire performance tests are made on small-scale models of roof and wall sandwich panel joints as those are the most fire-prone parts of buildings. All fire performance standards and test methods are in strict conformity with the provisions of TS EN 14509.

Building materials have 6 different categorizations from A1 through F. There are other classifications of building materials according to smoke and burning droplets due to fire. 

TS EN ISO 11925-2: Ignition Tests (SFI): this fire test method consists of simulating a fire by placing a lighter-sized flame on a sample’s corner or surface for 15 or 30 seconds.



TS EN 13823: Fire performance tests (SBI): This method helps determine reaction to fire in materials of classes A2, B, C and D. Also, classes d0, d1, d2 are given to materials after observing whether there is occurence of burning droplets during the first 10 minutes and whether the dripping particles burn for more than 10 seconds. Following results obtained during the first 10 minutes classes s1, s2 and s3 are determined.    




PUR/PIR: The correct chemical formulation in plastic foams provides an advantage in fire performance. A high percentage of isocyanate and flame retardants enhances polyurethanes’ fire performance.  

XPS/EPS: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene have the worst fire performance of all types of plastic foams. Melting and burning droplet formation occur at 100°C. 

Rock Wool: Rock wool belongs in the group of inorganic non-flammable substances. Rockwool-filled panels are ideal for installation on fire-resistant walls, roofs and internal partitions. Fire resistance time limit in rock wool filled sandwich panels varies between 30 and 120 minutes depending on rock wool type and thickness and characteristics of panel joints. 


Temperature that Disrupts Dimensional Stability (°C) ~200 ~200 ~90-100 -
Ignition Temperature (°C) 285-310 415 245-345 -
Fire Performance Good Good Weak Very Good




Polyurethane-filled Sandwich Panels B.s2.d0