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Mekpan Quality

As Mekpan Panel, we provide services to all sectors with high quality, economical and environmentally friendly solutions by using innovative and cutting-edge technologies. As we continue our goal of making “Mekpan Panel”, a strong brand run with fast service and reliable trade, the market leader in sandwich panel production, we also want to tell this to the whole world. As a producer, we aim to continue our production activities with strong stakeholders open to innovation, and marketing, sales and distribution activities with our professional team in order to proclaim the quality of “Made in Turkey” to the whole world. Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level without compromising on quality, Mekpan Panel compares its production performance with its targets and continually improves it in line with the needs and international standards. we use our resources in the most efficient way and work with the principle of maximum efficiency thanks to our innovative corporate structure.

Our quality policy

  • We, as Mekpan Panel, undertake:
  • To comply with legal legislations, legal regulations, and customer requirements,
  • To carry out the necessary improvement in the processes that we carry out in line with the quality management system,
  • To become distinctive in the sector with "Mekpan Quality" in terms of deadline, cost, and quality in the projects we carry out with all our customers, suppliers, and business partners,
  • To attach importance to training and teamwork so that all our employees become individuals who can use their talents at the highest level, 
  • To raise quality awareness among all our employees in this direction, 
  • To be an exemplary organization that respects society and the environment, and contributes to the country's economy by constantly improving its business volume.