Mekpan leaves its mark at exhibitions

May 2017. As part of the Mekpan Panel team we participated in the Istanbul Building Industry Exhibition where we showcased our products to visitors from all over the world.

Mekpan Panel’s director Celalettin Hakan Katırcı gave information to visitors about the products we exhibited in our stand, “We offer new and modern solutions besides the traditional solutions used in construction of roof and wall panels. Mekpan Panel breaks new ground in Turkey with the use of new products such as Post Panel, Siding Panel and Sinus Panel and with polyurethane or polyisocyanurate application as core filling material. Mektan Panel has the aim of using sandwich panels not only in the industrial sector but also in the housing industry and it offers its services with a machine park capable of producing up to 3.500.000 m² of panels per year. Mekpan Panel manufactures roof and wall panels with the world’s most modern technology combining economic prices with great aesthetics and architectural beauty. Our production is carried out since 2011 in a 44 000 m² factory out of which 8000 m² are in a closed area and 36000 m² are an open space. Our factory is located in Konya’s 3 Industrial Zone”

“In roof and wall panel production we can use painted aluminium, natural aluminium, painted galvanized metal sheets, Kraft or membrane paper. The modern roof and wall panels we produce are offered to both the local and international markets with Mekpan Panel’s quality and warranty. Thanks to our unbending quality we obtained the ISO 9001 and TSE certificate during the very first year of production. We are committed to offering a level of production and service that will continue to be excellent, everything for customer satisfaction“ added he.

Talking about the aim of having a corner on the world market, Celalettin Hakan Katırcı said; “we have increased our production volume to 20% and our daily production capacity to 10 000 square meters since as a company we place great value on the international market. Our company has a wide product range, all our products are very practical and have competitive prices. We export to more than twenty countries. From now onward, we will set ourselves the goal of having a corner on the world market. At present our export ratio is of just 15%. Our exports go mainly to countries like Iran, Azerbayjan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Irak and Morocco. From now on, we plan to increase our export rate to 30%”.