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Mekpan 1st Dealer Meeting was Held in Antalya

Mekpan 1st Dealer Meeting was Held in Antalya

Mekpan 1st Dealer Meeting was Held in Antalya

  At the 1st Dealer Meeting organized by Mekpan Panel in Antalya, a message of unity was given by emphasizing the importance of the unity and solidarity of our country with the slogan "We Are One Under This Roof".

  Mekpan Metal Panel Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti. The 1st Dealer Meeting was held at the Regnum Carya Golf and SPA Resort Hotel in Antalya Belek, with the Chairman of the Board of Mekpan Panel, Celalettin Hakan Katırcı, Factory Manager Salih Emre Ünübol, Sales Manager Halil Karagöz, Production Planning Officer Erşen Bay, Sales Officers Uğur Karakurt. Köksal Tarhan and many domestic and international dealers of the company attended.

Speaking after the moment of silence for all our martyrs and the singing of the National Anthem, Mekpan Panel Chairman Celalettin Hakan Katırcı said; “The unity and solidarity of our country is important to us” and continued his speech as follows: “In our 1st Dealer Meeting, which we held for the first time, we were together with you, our esteemed dealers, with the slogan of "We are One under this roof," on the importance of the unity of our country. May Allah always preserve the unity and health of our country. We are happy to hold our first dealer meeting with you here today. Before I begin my words, I wish God's mercy to all our martyrs who fought heroically for the survival of our country and nation, and my condolences to their relatives and our nation. God bless our soldiers. In this first dealer meeting, which we started by saying "We Are One Under This Roof", we have come a long way, together with our solution partners, in this geography where we are nailed from east to west, from south to north. I would like to thank all our friends who contributed to this cause. Let me tell you a little about ourselves. Our story of entering the building-construction sector begins with the business opened by my grandfather Hasan Katırcı by processing cold iron in 1945. Here, I would like to commemorate my grandfather Hasan Katırcı with mercy; Rest in peace. His long-term struggle in the business world, which my father Mehmet Katırcı started as an apprentice to my grandfather in 1960, continued in the construction sector. He built residences and business centers in various places. He also retired in 2011. While I wish him a long life, I would like to thank him for his support to us and the sector. On the other hand, besides construction works, I worked in agriculture and livestock sector between 2002 and 2009. In 2010, I decided to enter the construction industry. In 2011, we started the production of sandwich panels, an important insulation and building material in industrial architecture, and established Mekpan Panel. As Mekpan Panel, our production continues in an open area of ​​36 thousand square meters and a closed area of ​​8 thousand square meters. With our 35 domestic and international dealers, we are able to meet 7% of our country's sandwich panel needs. Thanks to the production technology we have, we are making the most efficient and high quality production with a single line in Turkey. We provide direct employment to 50 people. Thanks to you, our valuable solution partners, we provide employment to hundreds of people. The added value we will provide to our country and nation is a kind of social responsibility for us, on this path that we continue by saying, We Are One Under This Roof. To talk a little about our social responsibility project, as the Katırcı family, we undertook the construction of a Secondary School, Family Health Center and mosque. As Mekpan Panel, such social responsibility projects will continue. While we are proud of the work we have accomplished together as the Mekpan family, I sincerely believe that we will continue to advance together towards the goals we believe we will achieve, and that we will increase in number with each passing day. As I come to the end of my words, I would like to thank you, everyone who contributed to the organization of this dealer meeting, and Düzey Turizm for attending our dealer meeting. We are All One Under This Roof – I say.” 

We Have Principled Trade, Gentleman Competition

In his speech, Mekpan Panel Factory Manager Salih Emre Ünübol stated that as Mekpan Panel, they acted with the understanding of Principled Trade and Gentleman Competition; “I wish that this meeting we held will strengthen our brotherhood and business partnership, and that 2018 will be a healthy, successful, fruitful and prosperous year for all of us. At this point, we, as the Mekpan Panel family, have grown by 45 percent every year. With this growth, our investments to improve machine performance and product quality continued. We switched the Polyurethane part, which is the heart of our production line, to a fully automatic system. We are now using 75% of our installed capacity. Although there are some slowdowns in the sector, our production capacity is over 75 percent today. Of course, you, our esteemed dealers, have contributed a lot to our success. Congratulations to all of you, thank you. As Mekpan Panel, which acts with the understanding of principled trade and gentleman competition, we have taken people as the basis of all our work. We believed that trade can be done together with moral values. We have come to these days believing that success will come with teamwork. We believe in the future of Mekpan Panel. We believe in the power of this big family of which you belong. We trust the future of our country. Together, we will continue to work towards this goal.”

  We Export to More than 30 Countries

  Mekpan Panel Sales Manager Halil Karagöz explained that Mekpan Panel exports to more than 30 countries; “Dear business partners, welcome all of you to the Mekpan Panel  Dealer Meeting. Mekpan Panel has reached a considerable brand value in the domestic and international markets. We have 35 dealers at home and abroad, and we export to more than 30 countries in the foreign market. At the same time, we contribute to the country's economy by earning foreign exchange. We have managed to grow by increasing our production capacity day by day. This success is our success. On behalf of my company, I thank you all. Changing market conditions and increasing competitive environment are making our jobs harder day by day. Under these conditions, we have created an alternative collection system so that you, our esteemed dealers, can be more competitive. This system is a system that eliminates the exchange rate risk in your purchases, provides price advantage, offers different installments and alternative payment methods to the end user. We are one under this roof, we are a family, thank you again and wish you a pleasant time during your stay”.

  After the speeches, National Athlete and World Billiards Champion Semih Saygıner told the dealers his life and success story and gave a special billiards show. The pool table used in the show was presented to Celalettin Hakan Katırcı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mekpan Panel, by the dealers. Semih Saygıner and Celalettin Hakan Katırcı played billiards together.

  The Mekpan Panel Dealer Meeting, which lasted for two days, ended with a gala dinner and awards given to the dealers with the highest sales.