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Concealed Fastener Facade Panel Classic

Concealed Fastener Facade Panel Classic

The most important feature of our concealed screw fastener panels that we produce as Mekpan panels is that the screw joints are not visible from the outside. It provides high insulation in buildings by allowing easy horizontal and vertical mounting. It is watertight, protects from heat and noise thanks to its PUR insulation feature, and ensures safety at the highest level by preventing flaming in case of fire thanks to its PIR insulation. It is aesthetic and economical.



Place of Use Facade
Useful Width 1000 mm
Minimum Length 2,4 m
Maximum Length Depends on Shipping Conditions
Polyurethane Density (EN 1602) 40 (±2) kg/m³
Polyurethane Thickness 40-50-60-80 mm
Fire Classification (EN1350) B, s2, d0
Type Of Metal Painted Galvanized Sheet
Standard External Metal Thickness 0,50 mm
Standard External Metal Thickness 0,40 mm



Top Metal Thickness (mm) Bottom Metal Thickness (mm)



100 cm 150 cm 200 cm 250 cm
0,50 0,40 40 261 182 121 250
0,50 0,40 50 302 215 149 121
0,50 0,40 60 337 263 179 134

Coating Types

It provides high resistance to external environmental conditions, high flexibility, and thermal stability. It is the most widely used type of paint. It can be used indoors and outdoors for different purposes.
It provides high resistance to external environmental conditions, high corrosion resistance, and resistance to chemical oils. It shows high resistance against chemicals and UV rays. It is the type of coating with the highest colour and gloss retention. It can be used in roof and facade cladding of prestigious structures.
Can be molded into perfect shapes. Can be used in places subject to food safety regulations as it is moisture and abrasion resistant. It also shows great performance in cold and humid weather conditions.
It is applied with the lamination method. It is suitable for intensive shaping and flexibility. It can be preferred in applications that are required to comply with food regulations thanks to its hygiene and easy-to-clean features.